Some components included in the following products may be of extra-european origin. Zipponi guarantees the quality standards, so the warranty is applied to all products and components included.

Designer //

  • Wts Lab Design

Finishing available //

  • Chrome ..11

Wall mounted shower arm SQUARE L=400

Cod: AC012CRSC

Wall mounted shower arm RECTANGULAR 35x15x380 mm

Cod: AC026CRSC

Wall mounted shower arm ROUND L=345mm BENDED

Cod: AC011CRSC

Wall mounted shower arm ROUND L=330mm D25 STRAIGHT

Cod: AC027CRSC

Wall mounted shower arm ROUND L=410mm WITH ANGLE

Cod: AC044CRSZ

Ceiling mounted shower arm ROUND L=40mm - D22

Cod: AC046CRSC

Ceiling mounted shower arm ROUND L=70mm - 25X25

Cod: AC048CR00

Ceiling mounted shower arm SQUARE L=40mm - 25X25

Cod: AC040CRSC

Brass Shower head FLAT D=200 ROUND

Cod: IH058CRSC

Brass Shower head FLAT D=250 ROUND

Cod: IH059CRSC

Brass Shower head FLAT D=300 ROUND

Cod: IH060CRSC

Brass Shower head FLAT D=400 ROUND

Cod: IH061CRSC

Brass Shower head D=225 ROUND

Cod: IH008CRSC

ABS shower head D=220 ROUND

Cod: IH011CRSC

ABS shower head D=250 ROUND

Cod: IH055CRSC

Brass Shower head FLAT D=200x200 SQUARE

Cod: IH062CRSC

Brass Shower head FLAT D=250x250 SQUARE

Cod: IH063CRSZ

Brass Shower head FLAT D=300x300 SQUARE

Cod: IH064CRSC

Brass Shower head FLAT D=400x400 SQUARE

Cod: IH065CRSC

Brass Shower head D=195x195 SQUARE

Cod: IH009CRSC

ABS shower head D=200x200 SQUARE

Cod: IH015CRSC

ABS shower head D=250x250 SQUARE

Cod: IH056CRSC